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Price Calculator for Mattress Cleaning In Pune

Category - Double Bed Price
1 Mattress 999
2 Mattresses 1,699
3 Mattresses 2,299
4 Mattresses 3,999
Category - Single Bed Price
1 Mattress 699
2 Mattresses 1,199
3 Mattresses 1,699
4 Mattresses 2,199
Service Description

3 Steps Process- Dust extraction, Sanitization by steam, Extraction of Residual Moisture.

Service Inclusion
  1. Step 1: Vacuuming of dust with vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters for maximum impact.
  2. Step 2: Special steam treatment to disinfect and sanitize completely.
  3. Step 3: Residual moisture or dissolved dirt vacuumed out.


  1. Please note that we do not guarantee removal of hard stains as part of the process. This process may not remove old and stubborn stains.
  2. Customers are requested to avoid usage and allow 2 hours for complete drying of the mattress by letting the fan on along with natural ventilation. Drying time may vary with fabric type as well as material of filling of mattress.

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