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4 FAQ's About Exterior House Painting

How to select exterior paint?

Your exterior paint colour will reflect your personality, style and choice. Make sure you know which paint can protect your house while giving it a chic look and stylish finish. Do not hurry into choosing the colour as it’s not about only one wall, but the whole exterior of your house that you may not repaint before another 5 to 6 years at least. Keep the climate of your location in mind while choosing the colour. Remember, lighter shades keep a house cooler in a warm climate as they absorb less heat; darker colours will keep your house warm in cooler climes. Since light hued paints absorb less heat, they generally last longer than darker paints.

How to select exterior paint finishes?

Matt finishes are best for exterior paints as they have to face the harshness of all natural elements, along with dust, dirt & grime. Flat and low sheen finishes are ideal as they don’t highlight surface imperfections

What kind of cleaning is required before exterior house painting?

Thorough cleaning of the exterior surface is a must before jazzing it up with new coats of paint. Make sure all dirt, dust, mildew and other impurities are well-cleaned and removed properly to prepare the surface for fresh paint to adhere to it. Especially take care while cleaning the corners, around the doors & windows, under the cornices or in grooves where dirt and mildew might nestle deep. First clean the loose dust & cobwebs with duster, brooms or dry cloth, followed by extensive cleaning with water & detergent. Pressure washers or steady jets of water are best for cleaning exterior surfaces.

What is the best time for the exterior painting of the house?

The best climatic conditions for taking up an exterior painting project are clear & dry weather with minimum or no wind. Preferably, the humidity should be optimum – neither too high, nor too low – as extreme humidity (both ways) can lead to irregular drying of paint and inconsistency in paint texture and appearance.

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